Start a craft laboratory. Third part.

October 19, 2010 | Doing business

One of the most important cost items in the investment of an initial craft laboratory, in addition to the facilities already mentioned in the previous episode, is the commodity, or rather, components required for the establishment of manufactures. The cost of some precious stones such as sapphires, amber, pearls, can be huge and unless you decide to sell its building at 500 -600 euro, it will be difficult to get a return on the costs of such supplies.


To lower these costs, it can be groped to purchase materials needed for the creation, by specific wholesalers who also sell via the web. In the case of a laboratory of trinkets, they are need materials as rhinestones, beads, tubes of Bohemia. These important “tools” work can be easily purchased at sites like, a true e-commerce portal where you can find pretty much everything to make, by hand, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. The costs of entire stock of components for bigotry are accessible to any aspiring craftsman. Five pieces of 925 silver beads cost about 2 euro. The higher the cost of precious stones in silver, about 35 euro. As for other types of beads, Miyuki said, the cost is 4 Euros per 10 grams.


Even an artisanal laboratory of trinkets, requires major work tools. These are : calipers, gauges rings and bracelets and other useful tools. Now we find how much they cost. A map to stick pins and beads, it costs 4 euro. A gauge for necklaces always costs 4 euro, 15 euro, however, the cost of the meter for rings, bracelets and rings for a pair of pliers costs 13 euro, a non-slip pad adhesive pearls costs 8 euro. The cost may go up slightly for pliers suitable for handling particular types of stone, in this case the cost can be up to 24 euro per piece. A spool of white thread costs 2.50 euro. Returning again to the cost of the components of the creations, now say that a string of beads tube Bohemia costs € 0.80, while 5 grams of glass beads from Bohemia cost 1.25 euro. A bunch of beads from Bohemia Jais white satin costs 2.50 euro. Similar to the cost of the same type of faceted beads of another color. The tubes of Bohemia proper, namely those components similar to small cylinders of different colors cost 1.45 euro per thread. Instead, a string of beads sequins costs 1.10. Are very affordable the costs of the beads made of Swarovski crystals. Prices range from € 0.15 to 1 euro per piece. The fusible rhinestones of the same material cost 90 euro cents for every 10 pieces. The processing of these components requires the ‘use of a heat applicator which costs about 27 euro.


And we see, perhaps, the component most interesting for the aspiring artisans who want to create handmade jewelry: natural stones. Even the latter have a cost and are part of a consistent supply of artisan jewelry. A bag of Amazonite costs 3.60 euro, the same cost of a bag of Amesti, rock crystal, jasper, Rhodonite and Turcotte. A shell costs 84 euro cents, a coral, or rather 10 pieces of Coral Madrepore round pearl in cost 1.40 euro, the strands of bamboo coral is available for a euro a piece, but these costs also depend on the size, thickness and color of the stone, there are also wires that cost 50 euro cents. As for the Pearl White, 10 pieces cost about 1.40 euro, with slight variations that always depend on the size and shape of the stone. Are also very affordable the prices for purchased components of trinkets in stock, that is, more items sold together in a ‘single package. The stocks are made for the components more required and sold, that is: pearls, patterns for necklaces, quartz, imitation roses in glass cubes. A stock of these materials, that is, about 20 pieces, costs from 1.60 euro to 4.50 euro. The accessible costs, depend on that many of these materials are imported from India and China. With respect to components such as rhinestones and sequins, it should be stressed that also form part of equipment of clothing workshops, the main raw material costs, however, are represented by tissues and we talked about during the discussion of the report devoted to the opening of a studio of atelier. Many of these components can be purchased at the sites dedicated to e-learning in the field of trinkets. One of these is where, after registering, you can follow video courses on the techniques of construction of the products. Although, as mentioned, a craftsman, he will often form as self-taught, his education is never to be neglected. More …

Rosalba Mancuso

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