Where to open a business: starting a local of lap part dance. First part.

October 28, 2010 | Doing business

With this post, we will analyze the localization aspect of a business than the chances of success and then to its opportunity of income.

There are certain elements that are important for some companies as for other types of enterprises these, have less impact.

On the contrary, for certain activities, certain details that in most companies, have a marginal importance, for these few, are fundamental not only to succeed but even the survival of their business.

Today, we face the opening of a local lap dance.

Start a local of lap dance: where to open the business?

We find locals of lap dance a little ‘everywhere.

We must say that this is an activity that does not need to be placed in central locations or in urban centers.

In fact, many locals have opted for seats in the countryside or in small towns. First of all you get:

a reduction in the cost of hiring

less problems with noise and its relationship with nearby houses

greater privacy afforded to customers

The clients of a local lap dance, are usually less noisy and certainly smoother than a normal discoteque, and then, the distance from the homes that many local prefer, is given mainly by the search for privacy for its customers and to avoid grounds for dissent by neighbors upset by the presence of a local lap dance.

The location of an enterprise of this kind is not always penalized by the proximity of other premises.

The typical customer, is often willing to travel dozens of kilometers to reach the club and does not mind going to experiment with new premises.

Open a local lap dance: where to open

The crisis of the many clubs and dance clubs in recent years, has encouraged the presence of many structures such as nightclubs closed and abandoned for years.

This allows to the potential entrepreneurs interested in opening a local lap dance or a nightclub, to avoid large investments, using existing structures that were previously equipped as ballrooms.

Of course, it will need to provide for adjustments and improvements and in particular, will ask for the visit of the Technical Commission authorizing the opening of the dance clubs.

Who is looking for a lap dance local or a night club to open, he could certainly evaluate this hypothesis by looking in the interest area some clubs that have long since ceased its activity of disco or ballroom.

Open a local lap dance. The promotion

The clubs of lap dance than traditional, are more active in traditional advertising.

Printed newspaper, television, radio, web sites, are the traditional means of promotion.

Word of mouth is definitely the most effective advertising model.

Birthday parties and bachelor parties, representing not only a way to bring new customers to local but in fact, to encourage new persons to go in those clubs so to have better the visibility of the room.

The promotions in newspapers and other media, provide for many local, the presence of famous guests who present their popular shows in order to attract more customers during the evenings and therefore make more visible the same newspaper advertisement.

Open a lap dance or nightclubs : find the staff

From the information we have collected:

the opening of European borders, has facilitated the arrival of workers within the premises with more ease, not being provided to European citizens allowed to stay.

In the local lap dance Italians, perhaps because of the crisis in recent years, was not reduced in the presence of male and female workers Italians.

Then, in numerical terms, in recent years certainly is not increased the difficulties in finding staff.

The staff of a local lap dancing is composed by these professions:



security staff (although they are rare for these clubs the problems of this kind, and certainly less than the discoteques)


dj / vocalist


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