Ideas for open a business: open a wine bar. Part one.

October 25, 2010 | Doing business

In this report dedicated to the creation of a business sector, we will speak about a sector that reserve ample growth prospects: the wine bar. With this term, traditionally it means an activity engaged in marketing of wine. The manager was, and is an expert, capable of recognizing the finest wines and advice to the customer. Today, however, the original business of a wine bar, can not be profitable as before, either by the consumption crisis still going on and for the competition from supermarkets.


To become a profitable business, the wine must also combine wine tasting and food, must, in short, must to entertain customers through the restaurant business. That is why the enoteque is also called the wine bar. The wine bar, is a place open to the public which are given food and drink where the wine is tasted mainly, in all its prestige and tasty variety. At the enoteque, may also be put beside on a brasserie or berr shop, where they sell beer, which, like the wine bar, are beginning to entertain the customers by offering beer tasting, pub-style. The two realities coexist or business can be separated, it all depends on the skills and aspirations of the entrepreneur concerned. To start a ‘wine shop or wine bar, serving not only the talent and passion for wine and eating, but also a good knowledge of the industry, specialty wine. So before you dive in the company must have a good training. In this first part, unlike other reports, where we first examined the distribution of competition, we will see, however, the educational opportunities that provide the basic knowledge and the expertise to start a wine bar with all the requirements to become a ‘profitable undertaking.


As mentioned a wine BAR must also be able to prepare an excellent food, to be able to do consume and to sell its wine. Each wine is paired with a particular menu. The courses that can provide detailed knowledge on the drinks and wine are to become sommeliers and winemakers. The sommelier, is a professional able to perform a specific analysis of the properties of beverages such as taste, degree of conservation, pairing with food. Inside the restaurant, he choose and give to customers, the wine, beer, liquor; the provision of water is given to waiters. The winemaker is, however, the expert of wines and of their production. He supervises the quality of the wine produced on the basis of the selection of the vine, grapes and production techniques and bottling. These two important professionals can find career opportunities in restaurants, hotels (the sommelier) and wineries (the winemaker), but can also manage your wine cellar with the specificity of significant knowledge about the field of wine and be able to provide the customer the just product. To become a sommelier, can attend courses offered by the major trade associations, such as Fisar (Italian Sommelier Association) ol’Ais (Italian Sommelier Association

These associations, are present with several regional offices and regional delegations. You can contact the point for the course closest to your area of residence. The websites of the regional branches of AIS have a domain that begins with the letters of the same name followed by the region, for example,, ais and so on. The delegations of Fisar are available on-oline directly into the national site, which we have linked a few lines higher. Delegations from regional AIS can be contacted in the national site. The courses to become a sommelier, offer three different levels of preparedness. It starts from the first, with the basic lessons that speak of the functions of the sommelier, oenology, viticulture, wine legislation, beer and other drinks, then move on to the second level where we study the enografia, that is the main geographies of wine production. With the third level we study the matching food and drink. The associations that offer these training programs, allow you to have further discussion on the subject, through refresher courses. To find dates and costs of the courses you need to contact the trade associations. To become a winemaker, however, you can choose the path with the university degree course in oenology activated at the Faculty of Agriculture of the State universities. The three-year degree may be, that you can add the further course of two years to obtain the degree in viticulture, oenology and wine market. Continued …

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