Become successful entrepreneurs: when it wants to deceive itself at all costs!

November 21, 2010 | Redazionale

Happy monday,

Today I want to mention that many people have the wrong attitude in dealing with certain aspects of their lives.

The desire to believe to truths that are so only in their minds!

It is not difficult to meet fledgling entrepreneurs who are looking for the miracle solution to their problems:

profitable activities that do not require effort

gain with little work

becoming rich with little money invested

innovative ideas that come from America that allow to gain million of dollars in a little time

and many other imaginative proposals, etc. ..

These are among other things, the slogans that shrewd sellers of dreams, from always, they offer to aspiring and dreamy entrepreneurs that are looking for the magic solution!

Become entrepreneurs: the need to take a responsible attitude

Unfortunately, for many, it is preferable to listen to the lure of vendors of magic solutions that to try to seriously evaluate opportunities that require time, dedication and detailed checks before launching into an open field.

The history of big entrepreneurs, is made of insight, dedication and a continuous search for solutions and ideas.

Lotteries and miraculous catches, are something else!

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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