Open a restaurant in Prague. Seventh part.

December 27, 2010 | Doing business

To start a restaurant abroad do not have to cross the ocean, you can do even within Europe, the important thing is to identify the country or countries in which the start-up activity is cheaper and more profitable. One of the ideal destinations could be Prague. This eastern city, thanks to the residents and the tourists can have a potential market to be exploited to bring the delights of Italian cuisine in general or foreign. The relationship with the local currency remains quite convenient for the euro area citizens, and this is another reason why he plays for the opening of a business. The nasty side, but not difficult to solve, is the bureaucracy and documents for obtaining permission to work in this country.


In Prague, there are special consulting firms that avoid the queues at the doors and allow the formalities concerning your stay and your work in the capital. The third element in favor, even the cost of living remains relatively low even compared to other European cities. In Prague, if you rent a residential property in the right place, you can still manage to live with € 1000 per month, even those who have had the experience to move to Prague, claims to be able to live with 600 euro per month. The transfer requires at least a small amount of capital available to support initial expenses relating to rental of the house, the costs of utilities and start-up. Very useful is to get in touch with owners of restaurants have already begun to understand how the market moves, and if you want to learn better techniques of work might think you work for a while ‘in these structures. We must consider, however, that wages as a waiter, bartender and pizza in Prague are not very high and you need to move with a partner that can be put in a position to take a job in the new country.


Start a restaurant in Prague requires a minimum investment of € 20 000, rental of premises is around 1000 € per month. If the size of the room are larger, for example, 60-80 seats, the investment will double as well as initial capital expenditure and as a star up the rent. Needless to say, the ideal location will be the places with high flow of visitors, shopping malls, high traffic, high density areas to tourism, but also places with parking lots. To start a restaurant in Prague must obtain a license and permit. You must arrive in the city with the birth certificate and with the penal certificate and academic qualifications, in addition to certification and any previous work experience, to be submitted to the police station.

The documents must be submitted to a certified translation. We must also look for an apartment rented through the owner’s willingness to make a declaration at the Foreign Office for permission to carry out an activity. With these documents, you can contact the licensing office of the district where you have your home and apply for a license authorizing to open the task. With the license you can start working right away, the next step will be registration fees to the office of the Czech Republic (equivalent to our Inland Revenue) and Social Security office (the equivalent of INPS in Italy). With these documents (license and registration) as well as birth certificate, the Court will issue a commercial certificate and a police document that will be used to obtain a residence permit. As you can see even the bureaucracy czech, is not joking when it comes to procedures and foreigners can be very difficult to bounce from one office to another without due care. Is essential to rely on professional experts to practice in place, bearing in mind the relative cost of the service that is more than justified having regard to the amount of practice to be performed. A consultancy may be found at this link: To set up a limited liability company, in Prague it takes about 8 000 €, amounting to 200 000 crowns. This is the legal form is also used to start businesses. The staffing costs will be quite content because the salaries are lower in Prague than in other European cities. A waiter earns 15 000 kronor per month, which is about 600 €. Working hours are long enough. An important feature is the English language that serves to overcome the difficulties of communication with potential customers.

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