Open an e-commerce success: what to open.

December 4, 2010 | Finestra sulla Rete

Forty years ago there were small shops, mostly family-run stores.

Then came the great distribution and we know what happened (we talked about in many of our posts).

Open an e-commerce: what do you can open?

It is also started in Italy, the phase 2 of the development of the e-commerce.

What does this mean?

It means that in addition to small, very small and rarely medium presence of e-commerce sites, now is arrived the first major competitor that is likely to put in crisis many of the projects and Web sites that are currently present, but in most cases, with little or insufficient business and with strategies that are still unclear.

Having to distribute products that are also in the catalog of a major competitor as, threatens to wipe out any potential competitor who can not offer a price better than the largest logistics operator on line.

In a sense, as we have introduced the beginning of this post, we are in a situation similar to that of several years ago, when the first supermarket, opened its doors in the Italian roads.

The difference, is that we will not have to wait years to see the changes at the level Web

Indeed, the presence of a few large players, is foreclosing many fields of action to small and medium players, already in some areas.

This, we have already occurred it, with the arrival of Ebay in the field of auctions.

To contrast effectively Ebay in its segment, it seems that are remained only a few players.

Indeed, the availability of resources, visibility and contacts, begins to be crucial in certain market segments.

Open an e-commerce: how to move

The suggestions are similar to those that were given to small shops:

specialization : that is niche products, with products not available in the catalogs of the big players;

sales support services that make the customer feel satisfied and later also supported in the post sale phase;

define the brand in a clear manner. That is not to be one of the many anonymous e-commerce sites!

Great adaptability and willingness to always put into question.

Make your site not only a platform for e-commerce but a point of reference in order to offer something more.

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