Where to find profitable ideas: ideas that change your life.

December 29, 2010 | Doing business

Many people are continuing to research the idea, the project to change their life!

We find this concept, in many instances, in many songs and so, it seems to be in a story where, ‘the treasure hunt never seems to end’.

If we look at successful projects and their creators, we often find that the ideas profitable in reality, are nothing more than the response to small and big needs.

Find profitable ideas: some ideas of success

Internet and in particular the applications and services that were born around it, made it possible to widen the scope of opportunities.

From the development of search engines to the capacity to refine the previous applications, until the birth of social networks, we are witnessing a continuous repetition of the usual event:

build something that meets a need!

Open a successful business: where are the viable ideas?

Too often, ideas and projects that are proposed, are nothing more than faded photocopies of others who have kicked off a series of clones that have come to saturate the market and then they have no real distinguishing feature between them.

So, what to do?

If we think to Tiscali that it anticipated in Italy and rode at the right time, the concept of the Internet free of charge (when it rise the spread of the Internet in homes and businesses);

if we think of the arrive (a few years ago) of the companies involved to reload printer cartridges (with the increasing number of computers and printers in homes and offices);

if we look at the phenomenon of self-service laundry, developed thanks to the increasing number of single and off-site workers;

We can identify two concepts very clear:

offer a product / service that in a particular historical moment is to fill a felt need;

inserting in a trend / evolution of growth that allows the new business a safe expansion in subsequent years.

The examples that it might be, referring to the past, are many.

And in doing this, they are all good!

In the next installment, we will analyze the trends and the spaces that this market in future, will be able to offer, trying to hypothesize scenarios and assumptions.

Andrea Figoli

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