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December 20, 2010 | Redazionale

Happy monday,

There was once the static websites that were updated after a long time since the last change made.

Then, companies have begun to understand the importance of the Web to develop its business, beginning to make available information and doing updating to their sites periodically.

Today, businesses that are (or want to do) of their website, a platform for doing business, must increasingly take into account the users ‘mobile’: namely that the growing number of surfers who use mobile phones (smart phones and the like), to connect to the Net

Portals successful : business ideas for new users

New users, do not mean additional users, but the same users who surf the Internet from their mobile phone and have a range of needs and requirements that do not express when browsing from a normal PC.

In a sense, so perhaps a bit simplified, it is like offering to new users of scooters, which until yesterday, they were traveling only in car, a whole series of new solutions or new ways of enjoying some services for the scooter!

This may mean for those that produce Web contents, come up with additional solutions and services that meet a range of needs still apparently unexpressed in the more number of cases, are still awaiting a response.

For the entrepreneurs who are looking for new spaces, opens a market rich and interesting but open only for those who can/wants seize these opportunities!

Good job.

Andrea Figoli

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