Make money with a website: the advantage of the niche sites

December 24, 2010 | Finestra sulla Rete

In recent years, we have witnessed the movement of a flow of business, of content of social relations, from the traditional world (companies traditional , printed newspaper, place and modality to meet of the persons, etc..) to the Web

In a few years, the Net has become the place where the content of all kinds, have flocked and where in a matter priority: people, companies, institutions, etc.., using the Internet to research, to be found and to communicate.

We have therefore reached a stage where even the advertisers, need greater visibility (and not only in absolute terms) that allows them to stand out from the crowd and get greater returns, particularly at a stage where online advertising is increasingly characterized by a reduction in CTR (ie, the public seems less and less attracted by ads).

Make money with a website: create a niche site.

So here is that the advertisers, must and will increasingly must in the future, look for specific sites that fit better with their audiences.

In this context, having sites and platforms at theme, which can provide better results to their marketing campaigns, it becomes increasingly important.

For many sites and platforms dedicated to niche areas, this could be an important opportunity to offer interesting opportunities for monetization, and sometimes much higher than many generalist sites that produce results much higher in terms of number of visits and visitors.

Open a portal of success: what web site open?

Try to indicate in manner exclusively, arguments successful than others, may be misleading, although the generalist sites than the niche sites, seem (from published data on the Internet), have fewer spaces and opportunities, in general terms.

Although the Net is full of information and content of each area and prevails in the production of content, a large area of medium / low quality that, as we noted in the past, mainly aims to collect some ‘short-term results with the only purpose to monetize as much as possible immediately, then going to build containers and platforms on line only of low quality and without a proper strategic plan.

Soon, we will see some areas that offer even some interesting space for micro and small businesses.

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