Ideas for open a business : open a web agency. Second part.

December 10, 2010 | Doing business

We return on the opening of a Web agency trying to understand the market and competitors that are present in the offer of html pages, Web sites and Web marketing in various forms.

Open a Web agency: the competitors

In the first part, we mentioned that many companies try to fix appointments in companies and to propose the service of Seo, namely the indexing service search engine.

For some companies that make of the visibility on the Web a part of their success, becomes a necessary investment be visible.

We find among potential clients: hotels, real estate agencies operating in the tourism product or in high-level, companies that make e-commerce from their site, etc. ..

Creating Web Sites: Who are the competitors of a Web Agency?

Many times they are amateurs and improvised that for small sums of money offer solutions to businesses and professionals, to lower market prices for these services.

Among the subjects that they offer the creation of Web sites, we find:

many resellers of IT products

some small software house

graphic studies

consulting company

and all these, we add: students, enthusiasts and Web computing, etc. ..

Then a huge number of competitors who come from different backgrounds but in fact, in some situations, they create a kind of competitive jungle where for a customer, it becomes difficult to extricate themselves from the thousands of offers.

Offer Seo Services

Now we try to understand how is the provision of these services.

In general, are maintenance contracts that providers of these services offer to monitor regularly their visibility online.

The indexing services, provide for payment of a service also in light of the results.

That is, in many cases, companies and professionals of seo, ensure results guaranteed minimum in view of the payment.

In fact, the problem of trying to index a site in relation to another, varies from sector to sector and then, by the crowding of sector and with which search keywords are on the Web

Start a Web Agency: customer loyalty.

Build a customer base to which make the maintenance and updating the site regularly, it becomes the tool to work with continuity and success in this area.

In fact, many sites have a need for continual updating and maintenance.

Start a Web agency: from where to start

The tools work to begin in this activity are:

proper preparation and knowledge in web graphics and programming languages

know or be supported for the part Seo

The marketing is essential, therefore, consider marketing strategies appropriate to contact new customers (in the next episode we will listen the experience of two professionals and they will tell us how they operate in this way)

computers, internet, software programming and above all: be careful and always able to improve and improve.

Appointment with the third part and the testimony of two professionals who will reveal their strategies for operating in this sector.

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