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December 26, 2010 | Redazionale

Happy monday,

This week, we begin to make a few posts dedicated to finding a successful idea.

Many traditional sectors are saturated or at least, they have only a few elements of differentiation and often, we are in the presence of similar activities operating in limited markets.

Find ideas for success: the ability to observe.

Too often, we are faced with business initiatives that already start under a handicap:

low margins, high competition, rates of development of the market that do not exist, etc. ..

Then, we return to talk of how to observe the potential market and as be able to identify unexpressed needs that are the real points of reference for those who are looking for an idea of success.

The ability to differentiate itself, as we shall see, is another key element in the search for a winning idea.

In the coming weeks, we will analyze these issues, allowing a clearer vision of their business and avoid incurring in the usual and more common mistakes.

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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