Open a portal of events and shows. First part.

January 4, 2011 | Doing business

There are many who have thought about creating a website dedicated to the entertainment industry and to the world of the night.

On the Internet, have existed for some years websites dedicated to the world of nightclubs, theater, lap dance, night club, etc. ..

The world of fun and entertainment, affecting hundreds of thousands of workers and professionals, and many tens of thousands of companies, mostly small and medium-sized.

The needs of a small theater company, an agency shows, a nightclub, the manager of a theater, a nightclub, a single professional (singer, dancer, musician, manager, etc. ..) are many and varied.

Create containers that offer real added value, becomes the basis to begin to build a portal for success and therefore also able to generate business.

Open a portal of events and shows: how to earn?

The main question that should arise when you start any business is:

Who are the potential customers?

What do i sell (that is, what service or product is offered?)

These are the questions that many entrepreneurs or would-be, when they initiated its own project, they forget to respond!

As already mentioned, initiatives that have arisen in the last fifteen years on the web are many.

The business model was and still it is for many people today, provide space fee to businesses and professionals working in this area (shows, disco, etc.)..

Open a website dedicated to the night life and businesses of speccacolo and fun.

Unfortunately, in most cases, we see simple lists of activities, in most cases, no recently updated sites, only fewer valuable contents that cannot permit to highlight and make more visible the activities housed.

The custom of offering space for a fee on Web platforms that have these limits, it seems a temptation that never ends!

Open a portal to events and shows: what to offer?

In this first part, we wanted to present this idea to start understand how to design a similar type of business and avoid starting already with the usual mistakes.

In the next section, let’s look at some specific initiatives, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in order to eventually be able to design a website from scratch in this field.

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