Open a discotheque: the first part.

January 10, 2011 | Doing business

The world of entertainment and of the night, they meet in clubs and dance halls.

The field of dance halls in Italy, over the years was able, not without difficulty, to overcoming the crisis began in the late eighties and has seen its peak with the closure of many clubs in the last fifteen years.

Open a discoteque: the market and the changes of recent years.

The disco was the favorite place for several generations of young people from the sixties until you reach the end of the nineties that have filled the dance halls Italians.

The myth of the disco, and of the dance on Sunday afternoon, went in crisis from several years and also the promoters and entrepreneurs over the past twenty years, have re-invented many new models and solutions to fill the evenings.

Open a discotheque, what has changed

First, there are a fewer dance clubs, in terms of numbers.

Then, it decreased the total turnover of the sector.

Crisis of the discotheques: what happened?

Certainly, there are fewer young people of twenty or thirty years ago. Then, the disco in the traditional sense, has certainly lost some ‘of its charm.

The variations to the classic disco evening and the developments include:

The boom in Latin American dance that has partially replaced many dances and parties of the past.

The recovery (albeit limited) of partner dance, as a result of courses and schools that were born a bit ‘throughout these years.

The return of the elderly that has occupied most of the clubs that before, were lived by young and very young.

The formation and development of more and more dancing outside the confines of the classic disco (dancing in the beach, outdoor parties, etc…)

Open a discotheque: the rules to open a local.

If you open a disco new or otherwise you go to re-open a closed club for years, must submit an Enquiry Form to the municipality where there is the seat of the club, and particularly at the administrative police.

It need to get the floor plan of the premises, and diagrams on the various systems: electrical, plumbing, air-extinguishers, ventilation system etc.. and static calculations.

These are the documents to accompany the request.

Of course, like every place of dance (disco, lap dance, night club, etc..), Is scheduled to visit the Commission for Supervision of public spectacles that must verify the practicability and see if the local meets safety standards.

Open a discotheque: the costs.

The decor, is one of the items of expenditure which may affect in an important way in setting up a nightclub.

Even if are bought old dance halls closed for years, very often, the style is not more in tune with the tastes and trends.

Then, consider that all the furniture, must meet safety requirements on extinguishers and against any accidents that may occur in the dark of the night (the responsibility is always of the administrator of the disco!)

The bathrooms and access to local, must meet criteria that allow access and use by disabled or elderly people with mobility problems.

Safety facilities, must be updated to meet criteria of high security.

In particular, if you purchase an enclosed club from a long time or if you take its management, should determine whether the access and escape routes are already in place, that is meeting the existing criteria, or it need to invest to make adjustments that can be also too expensive.

We continue with the next installment of this topic, talking about the recurrent costs and some professionals working in this environment.

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