Open a discotheque: the second part.

January 18, 2011 | Doing business

Open a discotheque, as we saw in the first episode, involves the fulfillment of a number of administrative practices that need to get permits to open and for its practicability.

The main problem for who wishing to start or revive a dance hall or a discotheque, remains, as indeed for any activity, the market analysis and the ability to attract customers.

Open a discotheque or a dance hall, what kind of local open?

There are evenings or types of places that offer higher margins or lower depending on the type of customers that you tip.

It is known that to open a discotheque oriented to a high target, that is, customers willing to pay much for adequate services, allow certainly work with high margins, able to bear costs and major investments, allowing also for even higher profits.

This rule is found in every type of activity. Those who work on higher segment, even if it has a market in terms of numbers / quantities lower, can get very high earnings.

In contrast, the night dedicated to the dance as a couple, especially if targeted at a high age people, or Latin American dance, definitely have a large audience and require less investment and lower operating costs but at the same time, provide earning and margins much more limited.

Moreover, it is difficult for an operator of a discotheque, combine the two types mentioned above, and then, in the opening phase, should be defined and clearly the strategy(image) to give to the club.

Open a discotheque: the recurrent costs.

One of the first items of cost for a ballroom, is surely the SIAE.

Each ticket, is burdened in a considerable proportion of a tax that must be paid to the SIAE.

The cost of the DJ, can affect little or a lot depending on whether the person is known or not!

Bartenders, waiters, security staff, cloakroom, figures are common to almost all the work premises.

Again, the cost impact on base of the number of customers, the dimension of the club and the type of customer service.

There are also a set of professionals that in some dance clubs and are present and covered an important place in the life of these clubs : pr, art directors, employees at the entrance of the room, etc. ..

The other cost items of a nightclub are:


electricity fee

drinks (drinks, cups, etc.).

maintenance equipment (extinguishers, electrical, heating, etc.).


heating costs

promotion costs


Open a discotheque, what sectors are most profitable and where to open?

We have cases of clubs located in peripheral areas (small towns or suburbs of cities) that have become reference points for thousands of visitors and famous clubs in popular areas (Versilia, Costa Smeralda, etc.)..

If we want to create a place of high prestige, you must choose a major city or a tourist area that has a clear reputation.

For traditional ballroom dancing or even transgressive clubs, the choice of decentralized locations, sometimes seems to be winning.

A kind that in the last thirty years, has grown in terms of visitors and revenue, consists of the premises and places frequented by transgender audiences and not only heterosexual.

Even talking to some directors and experienced staff, we felt recommend :

check the target and the target customers and then: set the local and evenings.

Otherwise, you may not give a just visible to local: that is, losing its greatest strength!

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