Where to find profitable ideas: ideas that change your life. Second part.

January 22, 2011 | Doing business

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Welcome back to the second part devoted to the analysis of the future opportunities or even better:

where and how you can now find profitable ideas

In today’s episode, we look around to see how our society is evolving, behaviors and habits of people and what are the changes that push in the direction of producing more needs and requirements that are just waiting to be ‘heard’.

Find profitable ideas: the search starts.

Being a bit child

The first thing to do is to observe and watch so disenchanted everything around us as if we were children curious that want to know about everything and touch everything around us.

Many times, the habit (not always positive!) that we absorbed during our growth and maturation that is to look at and judge, prevents us to observe more clearly and effective many behaviors and situations that if they viewed with a curious glance and open, would provide very interesting insights!

We are always in a hurry, we hurry up to do our engagements in a mechanical way, we are not aware of what we go by.

Often, the eyes of a child, of a elderly or those of some of the many beggars, is able to capture much more information than an adult and committed to do.

Where to find profitable ideas: Start by observing the behaviors.

The loss of this habit and thus the ability to observe, it limited us in our ability to observe things, distracting us (in most cases) from the profitable opportunities.

Observe some old persons that are transporting with difficulty their spending down a staircase, the presence of a queue of people in front of a bakery or a shop to buy snacks or sweets, the impossibility to find a distributor with an attendant who is available to inflate car tires, a large construction site that is opening in a suburban area, a neighborhood populated mostly by elderly people with a good income, a group of people at the bar complained after reading a newspaper saying that the local news reported are always low quality, etc. ..

All these observations can be casual situations of daily life, or they can become the basis of possible business initiatives.

Search for business ideas: to be able to select.

Undoubtedly, the list made earlier, could fill whole pages and then prove very useful but it is true that we must begin to observe and take notes, to see if beyond the simple observation, something more may result.

In the next section, we try to understand the various stages of the first observation and how, from a simple idea, it is possible to carry out the verification and the the eventual analysis to see if we can proceed further in the idea.

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