Where to find profitable ideas: ideas that change your life. Third part.

January 26, 2011 | Doing business

We came to the third part of this topic.

In the last episode, we highlighted how we are losing the habit of observing.

And for observation, does not mean be the curious who tries to know the affairs of others, but the ability to listen and look at things and the environment that surrounds us with a more open, less likely to the close or to judge, in practice : living more immersed in our environment and perceive those signals, those aspects that can be transformed into opportunities.

Find profitable ideas: transforming an insight into a business.

As we mentioned last week, every day of our lives, we record a lot of information, we catalog them and sometimes, we rework part of these informations already, or soon thereafter.

The information surrounding us are many and therefore, should begin to select.

In the middle of the large amount of images and sounds, we must begin to focus on the elements that can be further developed.

As a photographer who selected the best photos, discarding those that it considers of little interest, we, too, we must begin in the next step, to consider certain behaviors, ideas, potential projects to be put under the lens and submit a feasibility study.

Find profitable ideas and make a selection: a couple of examples.

For example, if we realize that in a neighborhood is lacking of some services (pizzeria, bars, shops etc), we must evaluate a variety of aspects.

Why are missing these services?

Because, however, the propensity of the people is to go outside its area to consume and buy the necessary?

Because the turnover would not able in general to support our project / idea?

Because the cost of commercial funds are excessive?

Because there are specific problems in the neighborhood (safety, traffic, etc..) that can affect any business project?

Or … ..

Simply no one to date has taken seriously the opportunity to open that particular company?

As a second hypothetical example, consider an observation from the previous episode, that is, we see that there is often a queue of young people and in front of a bakery, a pastry shop or a bar for breakfast, buy snacks, etc. ..

Surely, in this case, we can assume two solutions:

Nobody until now has seriously thought about opening a competing business to attract customers.

Or, the environmental conditions do not provide sufficient margins to evaluate the emergence of a new competitor.

It continue with the next episode.

Image source: larena.it

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