Find profitable ideas: the forgotten market segments.

January 16, 2011 | Redazionale

Happy monday,

we back to talk about ideas profitable and innovative business ideas.

I was a few days ago at a small petrol station where there was still a person of flesh and bones and he was inflating the tires and was putting gasoline to the cars.

There was a queue!

In the station petrol in the face, a self-service: only one machine!

Indeed, it seems that the senior operator of that station petrol, is the only in the city that still provide the service to inflate of tires:

Almost 15% of people are not capable or have no desire or is unable (pregnant, disabled, very elderly, etc.). and then, our old (and funny) operator, has carved a market segment over the years!

Faced with an almost entirely self-service distributors, managed to distinguish itself by offering its value added!

Looking for a profitable idea: do not always follow the crowd!

We have said many times and we repeat : often the best business, are those that differ in their model, even in a very little compared to everyone else.

Moreover, doing the entrepreneur must necessarily having a bit of creativity and observation skills.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs, want and plan to open their own company: pizzeria, marriage agency, laundry, construction company, firm, etc..,

but how many, in an increasingly saturated market and standardized, they are able to propose some form of innovation than the other?

and how many are those, at least who are looking to add something new to a traditional business model?

It should be able to copy, but also be able to diversify and meet those needs (often niche) that, as we have said many times, do not find answers.

Good job.

Andrea Figoli

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