Open a newspaper stand, a tobacconist and … the future of the single-product stores.

February 13, 2011 | Redazionale

Good monday,

was leaked the rumor that the Italian government wanted to allow to all service gasoline stations to sell newspapers and cigarettes in exchange for a greater willingness on the part of operators in offering petrol through self service and greater liberalization in fuel prices .

The news has stirred concern into tobacconists who fear a collapse in sales, but considering that it is not the first time that we talk about liberalization in the sale of newspapers and tobacco, it should make a few comments:

how much longer the tobacconists and newsagents will be able to operate in a ‘protected’ market?

That is, looking to the future and considering the situation in other European countries, how long tobacconists and newsagents’ associations will be able to take away the risks of liberalization for the sale of tobacco and newspapers?

Open a tobacco shop and a newsstand: the value of a license.

If in the future, even under the pressure of the interests of the major newspaper publishers and of oil companies that in Italy are very strong, it should liberalize the sale of these products:

what is the value of a tobacco shop and a newsstand?

And in what way the two types of activities could diversify their products and services to recover the lost revenue?

On these points, we will return shortly to better understand what might happen in the future and what strategies the two activities could be implemented to maintain their level of profitability

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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