Earning on line : earn money with a website and the business models. Part two

February 8, 2011 | Finestra sulla Rete

Welcome back to the second part devoted to how to earn from a website outside of traditional advertising.

Today, we look at a successful site that used a mixed model (free and paid) and then we listen to the testimony of a blogger (as you define) that produce contents on new technologies and provides consulting services.

Make Money with a website: winning business models.

A site that for years successfully published in Italian is: finanzaworld.it.

It deals with stock information and offers support to investors who are typically small investors, passionate, curious, savers, etc. ..

Francesco Carlà, is the founder of this site and has developed over time a project well done and detailed, following these strategies:

initially, has created a portal with a newsletter, widely followed;

subsequently enhanced online information, providing a site open to the public without restrictions.

This allowed him to obtain a high visibility and, consequently, increase the value of its brand.

Make Money with a website: the transition from free site to the freemium model.

Subsequently, following the growing number of visitors and the increasing its level of credibility and appreciation, he has been building in recent years, solutions for a certain type of players that were willing to subscribe to quality services.

So the business model is clearly visible from the site:

some of the content visible, and therefore free;

a part ‘premium’ dedicated to the subscribers.

This business model, allows you to keep the site open to the public but also managed to open up to a paid model for providing solutions with higher added value.

Earning on line: switch from one model free to a completely of charge?

In fact, the risk of going from a completely free to one only at payment, could block the development of the project.

The strategy offered by the site finanzaworld.it, seems to work well because it allows to keep visitors at the same time, create solutions to payment for a specific number of readers.

Make money with a website: a testimony on the sale of complementary products and services.

My name is Mark (real name), I agreed to give this interview to speak without embarrassing about the operation of an alternative model and additional monetization from the advertising.

I am operating online for several years and specifically in the field of consulting web marketing online.

I have a blog, on which I write regularly for some time and also produce e-book related to the topics of my site.

I also provide, consultancy and marketing support as seo and in the social networking.

From my personal experience and from the confidence of colleagues, I can say that the sale of e-book, is not in most cases, a solution that will affect in an important way on the turnover of a small company.

I use my blog mainly to more successfully sell consulting services to small businesses.

I have do not try the possibility of selling courses and classroom training, even though I do not exclude in the future to do, despite the competition on the Internet, is growing even with the presence of names that have much more visibility.

The source of increased revenue, is given by the Ad Sense ads.

I have experienced in the past also the formula of the affiliations but without much results.

I confirm that my colleagues with whom I have the opportunity to hear and even occasionally to meet them, have ratings similar to mine although with different nuances.


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